Spring Clean

Spring is here! 

It’s the start of a new year in astrology and more often than not Spring is a time to clean and refresh. We’re kicking it off with the New Moon in Aries which lands right at the start of Aries season and during the Spring Equinox/Ostara. 

Energies are running high this week with this fiery sign, which is a good time to really harness it and get things done! Personally, I’ve spent the last few days baking sweet lemon treats and cheese bread. Slowly starting to clean too.

Another thing I’ve been working on is adjusting my priorities and taking a good look at some things I want to work on personally. Putting energy into the things that I know will serve me better in life.

Spring Clean can mean different things to many people. It can mean literally ripping apart your house and cleaning it from top to bottom, letting in some fresh clean air and inviting in a fresh new energy after the deep cold winter.

To others, it can mean deep cleaning your life. Taking a good look at your current situation and really figuring out what serves you and what doesn’t. You could feel the need to refresh you social media, remove people and pages that drain your energy, maybe even post less or more. This could even apply to your personal life.

Whatever your journey ends up being, I hope you have the best Spring ever! Here’s to new beginnings!


How are you starting off Spring?


If you are doing a physical clean and getting rid of things, remember to donate as much as you can!