Solar Eclipse

This week is bringing a lot of big energy, beginning today with a very rare type of Solar Eclipse. We will get to witness a Hybrid Eclipse, which starts with the “ring of fire” (annular) eclipse and then quickly shifts into covering the whole sun (total). 

A Solar Eclipse can mean a lot of things, but there are a few things you can bank on happening. Expect change, like, big change. Themes of transformation, spring clean, and truths being brought to the surface are strong at this time. This is all for the better, almost forcing us to change different aspects of our lives.

You may find confidence and motivation that you haven’t had in a long time, harness that! Put this energy to work and launch those dreams, goals, and ambitions. You may even notice that the opinions of others won’t matter as much in your journey. It won’t stop you from following your dreams anymore. 

This Solar Eclipse leads right into the New Moon in Aries so carry that energy through and use it to set your intentions with all of this in mind. It’s also a good time to release any negativity in your life, things that don’t work for you anymore. 

Things you can do for the Solar Eclipse are journaling, meditating, charge your crystals, make a list of any goals or ambitions, take action on those goals, set boundaries, and have a little self care moment because this energy can be quite powerful.