Protect Your Peace

Everyone has a certain level of bs that they’re willing to take in any situation because that’s life and nothings perfect. However, once it starts costing you your peace, it’s time to move on.

When you cry at the thought of going to work/home, when you’re walking on eggshells all of the time, when you find yourself diffusing a situation just to keep the peace, when you’re being blamed for every mistake that has happened (even if you didn’t actually make the ‘mistake’), when you’re belittled for not meeting a certain standard, when you could get yelled at at any moment - unprovoked… get the idea.

I get that not every situation is easy to leave and can take time, so if that’s the case I hope that you make the steps to protect your peace at all costs. 

No amount of money, security, or otherwise is worth being in your own personal hell everyday. 

Our world is growing every single day and with so many possibilities out there, especially in the online world, we have a unique opportunity to really build the lives that we want with PEACE being at the forefront. I, personally, want a cottage in the woods! I have goals that I’m working every single day towards and the cottage is my end game. What’s yours? 

I invite you to start a journal, scrapbook, vision board, whatever you’d like. Use these to start planning your dream life and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you start living it. What does peace look like to you?