Making Your House a Home

Making your house a home plays a huge role in the function and flow of your life. 

You may think I'm talking about cleaning and organization. While that is the foundation of a functional and free flowing home, it's only part of the equation. 

Most people now a days decorate their home based on interior design trends, with little to no photos or personal touches. Usually to help boost resale value in the future. This structure has us living in the temporary and the "always looking for something better" attitude. By doing this, we're always thinking of the future buyer and not ourselves who are living in the space now. 

I've been seeing a growing trend on TikTok about people decorating and renovating their homes to suit their personal tastes and I'm living for it! They're letting their inner selves run wild and it's really beautiful to see. This trend is what inspired this post today.

Your home is your sanctuary. Your home is where you rest, where you eat, where you gather with friends and family. Why shouldn't it reflect who you truly are? Put framed photos of your life out on display (we do it enough on social media anyway). Hang the art, put out all of the pillows and blankets, do whatever makes your soul happy. If you're worried about other people opinions, please don't because they don't live in your home you do! 

I'm in the process of moving into a new home and my mother and I are choosing to do things differently this time when it comes to decor. Taking a more intuitive approach with each room and I honestly can't wait! 

When we make our house a home, we're allowing energy to flow easier. It allows us to breathe better, to even think better. Creativity is abundant. This weekend is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so what better time to purge anything that doesn't serve you anymore and really start to make your house YOUR home.