Letting Go

With the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse coming up next week, I thought we could talk a little about Letting Go. 

Full Moons are a time to release the things that no longer work in our lives, letting them go. We may not want to let go but in order to be truly free you have to let things ebb and flow in life as they are meant to and enjoy it while you have it. 

Hanging on to things for too long can become painful and restricting. You end up holding yourself back from your own potential. You end up stopping yourself from enjoying what's in front of you or even ahead of you and become stuck. 

For myself, it's taken a long time to let go of different things in my life (like habits or situations or even material things) but once I did I think "why didn't I do that sooner?". It felt liberating! 

If there are some things you wish to let go of in your life, take some time in the next week to reflect on what these things are. Then, on the Full Moon, write them out in a letter or list and then burn it (safely of course). You can do this in a fire safe container or bowl or have a bonfire under the moon and throw your letter into the fire pit. 

Take this journey at your own pace, you want this to be a peaceful experience. Have patience with yourself. Love yourself through it all!