Follow Your Path

Each of us has a unique journey that we are on. Some may be similar, but none are the same. We trip and stumble until one day it clicks like, OH this is what I’m supposed to be doing! It somehow all magically falls into perfect rhythm. That’s not how it ends though because now you’re on this new journey navigating this new and wonderful place that you’re in. You may have lost some friends or family along the way, people see you different because you are. You’re shedding some skin. Turning a new leaf. It feels weird at first, but it feels right. You go through a grief process because your old life is gone and you’re not the same person anymore. This may take some time, but always get back on track.

Self discovery or discovering your path is a wonderful experience. We all have a purpose in this world. I recently discovered that I truly and wholeheartedly want to help others. Sharing what I know, what I’ve learned. I’m currently enrolled in a program to become a herbalist because I want to be able to help others through herbs and plants. I’m really diving into my green witch side and I’m really loving her. I’ve seen flashes of what my future looks like on this path and I’m so excited to move through this journey. It makes my heart so happy. It’s important to do what makes your heart happy. 

I struggled for years trying to sort out what my journey was. What path I was supposed to follow. I never really stuck to one career path, I have multiple skills. Retail has nearly killed me many times and corporate is not the future. I still thoroughly enjoy painting because it’s quiet and peaceful and my mind only focuses on the actions, it never wanders off when I paint. So I do still try to paint when I can but there are only so many homes that need painting and most people are doing their own renovations now, which is super cool! Now that I’ve finally landed on my true purpose, I’m focusing 100% on that. I couldn’t be happier! 

So even if you trip, stumble, and fall along this crazy journey we call life, always get back up. You’ll know when you’ve realized your purpose, trust me. 

Always follow your path. Your journey is your own and no one else’s.