Where I Landed

There is something about painting that just allows me to quiet my mind. Focusing on my work with ease, almost meditating while I am working through each space. Each house I go to is always a different story. Large high-end homes, apartments, garages, I have even painted a small church! It makes me feel like I get to start a new adventure with each job I do.

Painting easily jump started my creativity. If it had not been for my stepfather teaching me how to paint, I probably would still be running around in circles. Painting is the only job that I am genuinely happy to do. I have been painting for about 6 years now and I have not looked back.

I found once I was doing something that made me happy things came easier to me. Ideas were more free flowing.

It is so important to do what makes you happy. You do not have to make a career out of it just make sure you create space in your life for it.


Lilies & Moonbeams      


Photo By: Rhonda K Native Florida Folk Artist