Thursday Thoughts - You're Talented!

Journal Prompt: Write about your best talents.


Everyone has a talent. Some have many talents! For me, a talent that I don’t talk about is singing. I don’t like singing in front of anyone, only my parents and a few close friends have heard me. I’ve struggled with confidence for my entire life, and my singing reflects that. I can sing well, but it is not my full voice. It tends to come out almost muted, hushed. It was only recently that I was inspired to finally work on my voice and learn how to sing properly. Opening up and building my confidence. It’s amazing how much confidence has an impact on your performance in any task. It has been interesting to realize how my best talent has also been my biggest fear. So far, it has been really rewarding to get better at something while conquering a fear at the same time. This past week has truly been a release for me.


What are your talents? Hidden or otherwise!