Thursday Thoughts - What Brings You Peace?

Journal Prompt – I feel peaceful when…


There have been many things that have brought me some peace, but the one thing that brings me pure peace is playing my piano. It allows me to lose myself in the music and completely clear my mind. It is almost like a meditative experience. When I play, time stops. I never realize how much time has passed, I can easily sit there for hours and not be bothered.

I have been playing since I was 7 years old. I never finished the first stage of lessons, so I taught myself how to play and read music. High-school band and music class helped me with reading music as well. I can’t play a lot by memory, I mostly sight read. It doesn’t take me much to learn most songs. I’ll admit I’m a bit behind on my skills because years ago I had to give up my piano. I didn’t have one for many years. I never forgot how to play. I recently finally brought home a piano and have been slowly getting back to where I was. Those years where I didn’t have a piano, I found my anxiety/depression got worse. I never realized how much playing the piano soothed me.


What brings you peace?