Thursday Thoughts - Treat Yourself

Journal Prompt - What is something that you do or buy to treat yourself?


For me, it’s usually when I eat out or make myself a snack/meal that I haven’t had in a long time. I LOVE food! When I have an amazing meal, I do a little happy dance while I’m eating (a little bounce in my seat). I’ve heard that means the attitude has left my body, but really who doesn’t dance when they get something they love? I don’t get to eat out often (even before the world changed) so when I do it’s a treat for me! Some snacks I love making at home are roasted tomatoes with parmesan melted on top (tomatoes are cut in half), crackers with cheese and sweet pickles, and a toasted tuna and potato chip sandwich (literally tuna and chips mixed together and put in a sandwich). SO GOOD!!


What about you? Is it food too? Or maybe splurging on that special something?


Life is too short, eat the food and buy the things!