Thursday Thoughts - Start Fresh!

Journal Prompt – Write about something that you would like to start fresh.


Start Fresh! There are many things that can start fresh again like projects, relationships, and careers. There are also some things you cannot start fresh unless time travel becomes a thing. Write about something you would like to start fresh, whether you can or not. What would you differently?

My “start fresh” is something that I have recently done! I was finally able to put to bed a lot of different things about myself that was not serving me; anger and quick reactions being two of the bigger ones. I was not an angry person all of the time, but when something set me off (which in the last 2 years did not take much) I went off! No one is perfect. Then one day it just clicked, I practiced the pause. It took a while but once I started slowing down and not opening my mouth right off the hop, I found myself mostly not opening it at all. I mostly just observe now, pick and choose what I give energy to. It has been truly liberating.


What about you? Have you already started a new journey? Are you planning to start a new journey?


Follow along in your own journal! Start fresh!