Thursday Thoughts - Smile!

Journal Prompt: List the thing/things that make you smile every time.


Something that makes me smile every time is when I find pretty or cute things in nature. It happens all the time and I always smile. One time when I was painting a house exterior every day there were swarms of dragonflies at some point during the day. The house took a week and it never failed, every day there were dragonflies! It was really cool! Another time was when I was out with my dad doing a quote for a paint job and he came back into the truck with a little friend on his clipboard that he didn’t notice. Cute little green caterpillar (I think it was). Just inching its way along the edge of the clipboard. I guess it’s the little things in life. Always stop and take notice, you never know what you might be missing!


Follow along in your own journal! What makes you smile?