Thursday Thoughts - Revelation

Journal Prompt – Listen to your life. The right path will reveal itself. If you’re feeling stuck and not sure where to go from here, take a look at what has led you to this point. Reflect on why you think certain things didn’t work out, and what that means for your path now. Maybe you’ll find what you are meant to do. Listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you.


A perfect example would be something that is actually happening right now! Before the world shut down in March 2020, we had an opportunity to move to a city where we all had regular work…one of which being a dream job! Those opportunities never came back after things started re-opening. We were completely stuck and not sure what to do. We moved somewhere else in the hopes of trying a new venture, which as of right now is not happening either. So, we started thinking about what could have been, with our opportunity before the shutdown. We thought, why can’t we have that again where we are now? Sure enough, we started the same process over again and things are starting to move in the right direction!

Sometimes revisiting things, we thought were lost causes, turn out to be what we were meant to do all along! We just needed a bit more time to realize it.


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!