Thursday Thoughts - Rediscover Yourself

Journal Prompt – Go through your things and write about something new that you discover. It can be about yourself, about a family member, or even something you learned about your daily habits!


I recently moved and one of my favorite parts about moving is unpacking. For me, it feels like Christmas morning because I sometimes forget what I have! My belongings had been packed for a few weeks at this point. Once I started going through my things and putting them in place I started slowing down and really looking at what I had and who I was when I bought the item or how long I have had certain things. When I was sorting through my little library, I decided to group my books together differently, so it made me have to re-read some of the descriptions to know what category they fell under. Turns out I had a gem of a book sitting in my collection that I had forgotten about and I started reading it that night! I also learned some new things about a trunk/chest that I have had for as long as I have been alive. Turns out my grandfather made that trunk in his high school days! It kind of made me feel bad as to how beaten up it has gotten, but it is all surface damage which can easily be fixed with a sand and re-coat of stain/varnish. It gave me a whole new appreciation for it, my grandfather passed away nearly 15 years ago now.


If you are moving, I invite you to slow down when you are unpacking. If you are not moving, maybe take a weekend and go through your things, whether they are out already or in storage. Take the time to rediscover who you are or find out more information about older items that you have!


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!