Thursday Thoughts - Patience

Journal Prompt – Be patient. Be willing to pass up good for great. Write about a time where you felt like you were giving up something good, only to realize that it made room for something better?


There was a really rough point in our lives years ago that had us moving to one city, stay with family in a pop-tent trailer, then having to stay in a motel after that all while trying to find a house to rent and work, and money was quickly running out. It was looking pretty dark. We were all interviewing different jobs daily that week and luck did not seem to be on our side. It was down to our last few dollars, so we had decided to go stay with a friend in another city a few hours away. On our way there I started getting phone calls for jobs from some of the places I had just interviewed with! However, we were not able to just turn around and go back so we continued on to our friends. I was devastated. The stress had gotten to me, and I just started crying, felt defeated.

The town we ended up living in gave us jobs immediately and a really nice, affordable, house almost within 2 weeks of us being there. This town is where I started my painting career! Painting has been my saving grace.

So, even though I felt like I had lost out after trying so hard in the first city, we all ended up winning in the end!

Patience is key! Trust the process!


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