Thursday Thoughts - Passion

Journal Prompt – Resurrect a childhood dream. Let your passion take flight. If you find yourself just existing every day, now may be the time to re-discover yourself and chase those dreams you had as a child! Shake things up! Use this entry to plan out your dreams!


When my grandmother was sick many years ago, the doctors would tell my mother that “it’s about quality of life now, make her comfortable”. That sentence sparked something in my mother, which over time sparked something in me too. Why do we have to wait for the end to have a comfortable and peaceful life? Why can’t we build that existence now? My parents and I have always been the type to enjoy working for ourselves, my parents and my grandparent for that matter have always been business owners; you could say it’s in our DNA! Big corporations only see employee numbers, not the human beings behind those numbers. I’ve seen both sides, being an employee and being my own boss. Being a small business owner is NOT an easy path, but it’s so satisfying to put that same effort into your own passions instead of some big corporation. If you’re finding yourself existing instead of living, maybe it’s time to dig deep and re-discover those passions you once held!


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!