Thursday Thoughts - Own Your Power

Journal Prompt - Own Your Power. Every storm brings a fresh new beginning. How did you overcome your storms?


We all face many storms in life. Some are light rainfalls while others are hurricanes that knock you flat out. The test is how we manage to overcome those storms and own our power.

I have faced emotional hardships, financial hardships, and everything in-between. Some have taken me years to be able to own my power again. Journaling was one of those things that, while I only started doing it within the last 2 years, has really helped me in so many areas of my life. Writing out what pained me, writing about the storms, releasing emotions that stuck to me like super glue. While I am still doing the work, I feel that I am about 80% there when it comes to owning my power.

Life is a series of tests and lessons. It is all in our response to these tests and lessons. Will you keep learning and growing?


How have you owned your power?


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!