Thursday Thoughts - Memories

Journal Prompt – Write about your favourite memory.


My favourite memories in life are times where I felt happy and at ease. I grew up as an only child and did not have very many friends, so I spent I lot of time at home playing with my toys and watching movies and tv shows. I loved being in my space and just being myself. Even now I’m still the same way to be honest. One time, when I was around 9 or 10, I snagged this white kitchen chair we had and decided I was Picasso and coloured the whole thing with markers and highlighters. This chair was just a solo white wooden chair that was screaming for colour! My grandpa was SO MAD but to this day I remember how accomplished I felt and how at peace I was doing it. The chair was promptly painted white afterwards.


What’s your favourite memory? Follow along in your own journal! Have Fun!