Thursday Thoughts - Make a List!

Journal Prompt – Make a list of books to read, movies/tv shows to watch, or things you want to learn more about.


A list like this could go on forever, so I’d say make a Top 10 list. It could be about one topic, like a list of just books to read, or a list about a little bit of everything. My list is going to be my watchlist from Netflix because I never seem to have a chance to watch anything I save!


  1. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the Closet
  2. Everything Sucks
  3. The Umbrella Academy Season 2
  4. The Laundromat
  5. MaleVolent
  6. Dangerous Lies
  7. Someone Great
  8. Ratched
  9. You
  10. Slenderman


Trust me, this list could go on to about 30 or more. I really don’t watch much tv anymore, usually whatever my dad puts on or sports, both of which I love! I don’t watch tv in bed either, so you can see why my list is so long of “to watch”.


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!