Thursday Thoughts - Love Yourself

Journal Prompt – Write 3 things you like about yourself.


This might be a tough one. Do I write things I like about my body? Do I write things I like about my personality? Loving yourself seems to be one of the hardest things to do when it should be your number one priority. It has taken me a long time to love myself, and even some days I still need to work on it.

Here are 3 things I like about myself:

  1. My Mindset; if someone is being negative towards me, I always say to myself “I wonder if they had a bad day today” or “I hope they heal whatever it is that is hurting them”. I don’t take things too personally anymore. I used to, whole heartedly, but now it’s a lot easier because I’ve practiced that mindset. This is more of an accomplishment but either way I do like this aspect of myself.
  2. My Body; now this is general, I know, but if we start highlighting certain areas of our bodies and nit-pick it becomes easy to fall down the rabbit hole. I am healthy. I am active. That’s all I care about. I thank my body for holding up after everything I’ve put it through so far!
  3. My Laugh; I have my father’s laugh, as I’ve been told. Mostly I giggle, but if something really gets me you can hear my loud belly laugh a mile away! It comes out of nowhere. I’m proud of it.


Have fun with this one and always LOVE YOURSELF!