Thursday Thoughts - Love

Journal Prompt – Choose love. Let your love become a powerful force for change. Write about something you do with pure love in your heart. It doesn’t necessarily mean doing something because you love someone. Think of a time or something you currently do where you feel nothing but love in your heart.


Right now, for me, it’s caring for my plants. I recently got into gardening this past year and started with potted plants. It not only is a meditative experience for me, but it’s something I do where I feel nothing but love in my heart. I care for my plants so they can grow and thrive. I even go as far as extending their existence by pressing them in books, and once they are dry, I arrange them and frame them! I don’t throw them away if I can’t bring them inside. Unless they are dead then I compost so they can give new life.

I feel like if we did more things in our lives with nothing but love, the world might be a happier, more peaceful, and less greedy place to be.


What do you do with love in your heart? Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!