Thursday Thoughts - Listening

Journal Prompt – Listen to your wise self. Let your inner compass direct the course of your life. Write about a time where your head was telling you to go one way, but your gut was pulling you in a different direction. Did you listen to your gut? What was the end result?


I used to have a hard time listening to my gut instinct. When I was younger, there were times where my gut would be speaking to me in my head saying NO but I still did the things anyway, immediately wishing I hadn’t. The not-listening part was more my ego wanting to do something. Now that I’ve learned a few things in life I tend to listen to my gut every chance I get. Almost every decision I make is based on my gut feeling, even when I still think something is a good idea, I hear a little voice say “wait”, meaning don’t jump the gun just yet, something better is coming. A logical mind might say, “you’re crazy for not taking that chance!” or “why are you giving up that?”. It doesn’t make sense to everyone.

We all have an instinct. Not everyone listens to it, but we should all try to listen. Slow down. Take it easy. When it comes down to making a decision, usually that first thought or feeling is the right one, the honest one.


Try it out, start with the little things first. Work your way up! Listen to your instincts!


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!