Thursday Thoughts - Inner Child

Journal Prompt – Children are your greatest teachers. Write about your inner child.


My inner child loves food and being alone. I thrive in solitude and I work best by myself. When I have to focus, I need silence or light music in the background. While I can work as part of a team, I get very distracted and somewhat forgetful. I cannot keep my thoughts straight. Sometimes I cannot even process what people are saying to me even though I can hear them talking if there is a lot going on around us. I say this is part of my inner child because I have been this way since I was small.

As for food, my inner child goes bonkers for a good meal! When a meal is REALLY good my inner child does a happy dance, so I start bouncing in my seat. Some have said it is the attitude leaving my body, but who knows?  I grew up watching the Food Network and HGTV. Cartoons of course were a part of my life, but I ALWAYS had a food or design show own. The transformations were mesmerizing to me. The food I drooled over and always begged my mother to make something from those shows.

My inner child has taught me to appreciate the little things as much as the big things. Getting excited for a good meal, enjoying peace and quiet. In a way she has taught me to be okay with being me.


Sometimes you need to listen to your inner child, they know more than we realize.


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!