Thursday Thoughts - Guidance

Journal Prompt – Ask for guidance. The Divine will meet your every need. Write about how you ask for divine guidance. No matter what faith/belief/religion you follow we all seek divine guidance at some point in our lives. You can even use this journal entry to actually ask for guidance!


For me, I believe in the Universe, the Earth, and that everything is intertwined. I believe in caring for our planet and caring for others. I have a healthy belief in natural remedies and scientific ones, I equally use both. For instance, I take CBD oil and natural supplements every day and use a lot of herbal remedies but I am also fully vaccinated because I believe in nature and science!

When I ask for help/guidance, I usually look for a sign or I turn to my Tarot/Oracle cards. I almost always get my answer from both. For example, this week I received many signs telling me that I am on the right path for myself, in many different forms! All of which brought me so much comfort and peace.


How do you ask for guidance? Do you look for signs too?


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!