Thursday Thoughts - Gratitude

Journal Prompt – Say thank you. Experience the joy of acknowledging others. Write a letter to someone that you would like to thank!


I recently launched a collection in honor of nurses, so I decided to write a letter to them too!


Dear Healthcare Heroes,


You have always been a hero. You chose a career that had you see things that some people can never come back from. You chose to be the one that people turn to when they need it the most, life and death. You take abuse. You encounter dangerous situations. You somehow keep it together so that you can continue to help others. You were the frontline heroes when the pandemic began and still continue to fight, while we get to stay home. Who helps the hero?

You matter. You are angels. You are loved. You have big hearts. Your mental health matters. Your well-being matters. You are everything and more. We Love Nurses!

Thank you. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for always being there. For being a friend. Thank you to the nurse who looked after me with a smile on her face when I cut my hand open doing the dishes on Thanksgiving weekend, in the middle of a pandemic. I am forever grateful that help was there when I needed it. When it was something that I couldn’t look after at home. When my best friend was in and out of hospitals for months and no one was allowed to be with her, the nurses were. Then they continued caring for her daughter in the NICU after she was born. Thank you.


You are loved! You are appreciated! You are all amazing!


We Love Nurses! Thank You!