Thursday Thoughts - Best Day Ever!

Journal Prompt – What does your best day ever look like?


This prompt makes me think of Cheryl Frasier’s answer to her idea of a perfect date, that being April 25th where all she would need is a light jacket.

What are the things that you could do in a day that would make it the best day ever? Going out on an adventure, eating ice cream, hiking?

My best day ever would include going around town and trying all of the awesome local restaurants and cafes. I love food! Then, if it were sunny that day, I would just stop and relax in the park and soak it all in and maybe read a book. I haven’t had much time for reading lately and I miss it. Then in the evening I would watch a funny movie or a stand-up special with my family and just enjoy, no talking about work or family drama at all! Just peace and laughter.

What does your best day ever include? Follow along in your own journal! Maybe even make your best day ever a reality, go on an adventure! Have fun!