Thursday Thoughts - Awareness

Journal Prompt – Practice present-moment awareness. The meaning you yearn for lives in the ever-present NOW. Stop worrying about what happened in the past or what may happen in the future. Live life day to day, focus on what’s right in front of you. Use this journal entry to release any worries you may have, or to write about what needs your attention now.


It’s nearly impossible to plan for the future, this pandemic has proven that. No one was prepared for it. In my world, I try to have a healthy balance. I don’t necessarily have a plan for years to come, or even the months to come, but I try to say to myself “I’d like to be at this point, but it’s also okay if I’m at another point too”. Releasing the pressure to have a specific goal is key here. Yes, the goal is there, but you need to know that there could be some twists and turns along the way.

When I started my business, I was finally taking the shot that I was so scared to take. Starting a business before the pandemic was difficult enough, but then to have the world shut down 3 months later made it that much harder. It’s still a struggle, nearly 2 years later! I was so sad in the beginning, that I finally took my shot and then the pandemic happened. Gut shot right there. So, I just kept posting positive words for a few months until I felt it was time to start sharing my work again. Then Instagram shut down my account (I forgot to set it to a business account, so I violated some things). Another gut shot. Then I started another account about a month or so later and that one grew faster than the first one! I took that as a win! Am I making a living right now…nope, I’m even actively looking for work, but my dream is not dead and I will continue to push while living day to day, taking whatever life throws at me.


Follow along in your own journal! Have fun!