Thursday Thoughts - Trust

Journal Prompt – Trust your decisions. March to the beat of your own heart. Even if you think your decisions have led you the wrong way, trust that you are on the path you are meant to be on. Trust the process. Take this journal entry to reflect on what brought you to this point and where you want to go from here.


There are moments where I’ve felt that I am here to guide people. Ever since I was a child, I would witness different situations and say to myself, “why can’t they see what they are doing wrong?”. These were grown adults and I was still in elementary school! Sometimes I would try to speak up but who listens to a child? In my opinion, children will give you the most straightforward honest answer you could ever ask for – they haven’t been changed by the world yet. Looking back on my childhood is the main reason that I’m at the point I’m at now.

Yes, I’ve had my moments and learning curves, but in returning to my inner child I have been able to listen better, let go of things easier, and it even re-introduced me to my love of making jewelry!

I was able to let go and trust.

This week, this month really, has been a challenge and I feel I’ve grown even more because of it! It’s all in how you respond to things if you even respond at all.


Follow along in your own journal! Have Fun!