The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - Making it Work

In the current state it is about getting creative in order to make things work. Signing up for direct sales companies to work from home, selling baked goods and crafts, maybe starting a business, or even selling personal possessions. Those who were lucky (even though it is a tough circumstance) to still have their jobs; whether they continued working from the start, got to work from home, or got their jobs back once things re-opened, they had to make the adjustments to the new world on the fly. We have all faced great changes in our lives and have had to do different things to make our situations work.

I had to shut down my website for about 2 months because I could not afford to keep it going. I stopped posting my beads and instead started posting quotes I found all over the internet. I decided to keep spreading positivity until I was able to re-start again. I only started my business a few months prior to the shutdown so it was a huge roadblock. In order to make it work I stayed current on social media because it was all I had. Did some planning for when I did start up again, tried to keep the creativity flowing!

Sometimes it may seem hard but no matter what you just have to keep going. Things will get better!


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