Thursday Thoughts

  • Thursday Thoughts - Boundaries

    Journal Prompt – Set boundaries. Protect your precious time and energy. Setting boundaries doesn’t always have to be with people, you can set boundaries with certain things you do or even social media. Unplug, take a break. Give your mind a rest. Do the things that make you happy and surround yourself with people that bring you joy. Write about the people and the things you love with this entry!

  • Thursday Thoughts - Action

    Journal Prompt – Take action. The journey to find your lost self begins with one step. If you’re feeling lost right now, whether it’s to do with your job or your personal life, you need to take that first step in finding yourself again. Use this entry to just start writing, it can really help in organizing your thoughts so that you can find what’s missing. Just write whatever comes to mind, the rest will eventually flow. Don’t rush this process. When you do figure out what you need to do, DO IT! Take action!

  • Thursday Thoughts - Self-Love

    Journal Prompt – Care for your body. Self-love and self-acceptance are the ultimate acts of self-care. Love your body through it all! One thing I’ve learned is that my body is forever changing, and I let it. I’m not 20 anymore, so my body is going to be different as I get older. Use this journal entry to be body positive, write down everything you love about yourself! Even if you have negative thoughts, explore the reasons why you have those thoughts. Are they your own thoughts, or because of what others say? Never let anyone tell you how YOU should feel, BE your amazing self and LOVE your amazing self!

  • Thursday Thoughts - Self-Respect

    Journal Prompt – Respect yourself. You’re the best judge of what’s right. Are there some areas in your life where you need to start setting some boundaries and respecting yourself more? Write about it and how you’re going to change that situation.