Thursday Thoughts

  • Thursday Thoughts - Self-Love

    Journal Prompt – Care for your body. Self-love and self-acceptance are the ultimate acts of self-care. Love your body through it all! One thing I’ve learned is that my body is forever changing, and I let it. I’m not 20 anymore, so my body is going to be different as I get older. Use this journal entry to be body positive, write down everything you love about yourself! Even if you have negative thoughts, explore the reasons why you have those thoughts. Are they your own thoughts, or because of what others say? Never let anyone tell you how YOU should feel, BE your amazing self and LOVE your amazing self!

  • Thursday Thoughts - Love

    Journal Prompt – Choose love. Let your love become a powerful force for change. Write about something you do with pure love in your heart. It doesn’t necessarily mean doing something because you love someone. Think of a time or something you currently do where you feel nothing but love in your heart.