• Thursday Thoughts - Retreat

    Journal Prompt – Take a mini retreat. Listen to the voice of your soul. We tend to burn ourselves out due to the high expectations placed upon us by society and even ourselves. Slow down, rest, or your body is going to do it for you when you least expect it. Practice the pause today, take a mini moment for yourself or even take a mini vacation! Go away for the weekend! For your journal entry, write about how you’re feeling right now, and then write about how you feel after you take your break. Whatever that break ends up being. Rest your mind, body, and soul.
  • Thursday Thoughts - Self-Respect

    Journal Prompt – Respect yourself. You’re the best judge of what’s right. Are there some areas in your life where you need to start setting some boundaries and respecting yourself more? Write about it and how you’re going to change that situation.
  • Thursday Thoughts - Listening

    Journal Prompt – Listen to your wise self. Let your inner compass direct the course of your life. Write about a time where your head was telling you to go one way, but your gut was pulling you in a different direction. Did you listen to your gut? What was the end result?