Thursday Thoughts

  • Thursday Thoughts - Revelation

    Journal Prompt – Listen to your life. The right path will reveal itself. If you’re feeling stuck and not sure where to go from here, take a look at what has led you to this point. Reflect on why you think certain things didn’t work out, and what that means for your path now. Maybe you’ll find what you are meant to do. Listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you.

  • Thursday Thoughts - Tenderness

    Journal Prompt – Speak gently to yourself. Cherish the child within. We are our own worst critics. The words we say to ourselves are so impactful. If you were to go back in time and talk to your younger self face to face, would you say those words to that young face? Write a list of things you would say to your younger self, words of encouragement or affirmations. Things that you wish you were told growing up. You can use this list as affirmations to inspire you going forward if you’d like!

  • Thursday Thoughts - Guidance

    Journal Prompt – Ask for guidance. The Divine will meet your every need. Write about how you ask for divine guidance. No matter what faith/belief/religion you follow we all seek divine guidance at some point in our lives. You can even use this journal entry to actually ask for guidance!
  • Thursday Thoughts - Support

    Journal Prompt- Offer your support to someone. Experience the joy of serving others. We thrive when we work together! Write about how you can help others; whether it’s through charity work, supporting a small business, helping a friend with a project, anything!
  • Thursday Thoughts - Help

    Journal Prompt – Ask for help. Receiving is an act of generosity. It’s okay to ask for help. No one should feel shame in that. We aren’t super-human like in the movies! Even they need help sometimes! Write about something that you need help with, or a certain area of your life that you need help in. Use this entry to organize your thoughts if you are having trouble asking for help, or don’t even know what to say. Sometimes writing it out can provide clarity.