Most people have a basic idea of a dream home. Gourmet kitchen, bedroom that can fit a king size bed, bathroom of royalty. Not to mention the house is probably on acreage with a lake. That dream tends to cost millions of dollars which in todays society only a select few lucky folks seem to have.

Me? This image says it all. I have always dreamt of having a small cottage in the woods filled with plants and my crystals. Cute and cozy is my thing. I crave simplicity.

Life moves fast so I try to keep things easy. People tend to complicate things when they do not need to be. This causes more stress/pressure, which can lead to a hot mess of things.

If you have something to say, say it. If you need to do something, do it. Find a way. Whether you want that million-dollar mansion or the tiny cottage in the woods, find a way. Keep things simple and you might find yourself feeling lighter, feeling happier, and more confident.



Lilies & Moonbeams


Photo By: Jeff Finley