Recently I watched The Old Guard and, it is an AMAZING movie, there was one scene in particular that stuck with me. I will not spoil it if you have not watched it but there was a beautiful monologue done by Joe.

“This man is more to me than you could dream. He’s the moon when I’m lost in darkness and warmth when I’m shivering cold and his kiss still thrills me even after a millennia. His heart overflows with a kindness of which this world is not worthy. I love this man beyond measure and reason he’s not my boyfriend, he’s all and he’s more.”

This is what love should be.

People love with expectations in today’s day. People love to assume instead of asking. We make people feel bad for being who they are when they do not live up to those expectations. If people were honest with themselves from the start, instead of forcing themselves into a relationship they do not want, about 90% of the worlds hate and anger would be solved.

We need to embrace who we are as humans and we need to make it be known what kind of relationships we want. Love with all the passion you have, with no expectations.


Lilies & Moonbeams

Photo By: Joshua Newton

Editing By: Lilies & Moonbeams

Quote From: The Old Guard on Netflix