Look Up

Everyone you see today has their head down. When they are walking down the street. When they are sitting having coffee. When they are around other people. The world is spinning around us, and we have our heads buried in technology. News flooding our minds 24/7. No one can make eye contact anymore.

Most parents give their children allotted time to be on their tech (tablets, video games, phones), why can’t we do that for ourselves? I know I am guilty of it. Give yourself a window to be on tech and then put it away. Even if you rely on it for work, keep it to regular operating hours. Your family/spouse does not need you to be working while you are at home. Even if you work from home keep it to working hours. Then drop it and spend time with the people around you. We need human connection now more than ever.

Now go outside and look up. Look at that beautiful sky. Then look around you. Look at this beautiful place we get to call home. If we pay more attention to ourselves, our loved ones, the Earth, then maybe we might begin to see a happier and healthier society as a whole and a happier and healthier Earth.


Lilies & Moonbeams   


Photo By: Casey Horner