Let Go

Letting go of something that has consumed you for so long can be a difficult process. Whether it is a past or present event, it has held on to every fibre of your being. This event can come out in the form of random bouts of rage or even tears. While it is okay to express your emotion to let it out, it is going to keep coming out until you choose to acknowledge it and let it go.

Recognizing that, yes this did happen, and this is how it made me feel, is a huge part of being able to release it all. If it “did not” happen then what is there to let go of? Nothing. And that is what you keep telling yourself. Then the bubbles boil harder and then POOF here it is again! Now you have gone and told someone you love to shove it. No warning. Just something they did that got your blood boiling and then your old anger shows up and now you have said something that has nothing to do with anything.

If it is something someone did to you, and you have the ability to speak with them then do it. If you do not have the ability to speak with them then write a letter, send it, or burn it, whatever helps you to let it go completely. At this point it does not matter how this person reacts to you (if they apologize or not), the point is that you acknowledged it, spoke about it, and released the emotions. Closure. If it is something that happened that there was no control over or did not really involve anyone else, you can still write the letter. Then burn it.

Knowing that you took control of the thing that was hurting you and dealt with it one way or another makes it ten times easier to let go of. It does not happen over night. You have to be able to recognize that your anger/tears are a result of something else and not what is currently happening. Then once you can do that you make the choice of how you want to let it go. It is too painful to keep holding on to things that no longer have precedence over your life.



Lilies & Moonbeams

Photo By: Adeolu Eletu