Meditating can seem like a difficult task to most. Trying to comfortably sit still at anytime can be overwhelming. Our minds are constantly racing as the world continues to move and grow around us. It is hard to keep up. That is why meditating is so important. It does not take away the difficulties of life, but it can sure make it easier to deal!

The way I started was by focusing on my breath. Learning to recognize when I was starting to get overwhelmed or agitated. When I felt that happening, I would close my eyes and take a nice deep breath. Then I would take a few more breathes with my eyes still closed. It really did help me feel better. It is amazing what just breathing can do! I still follow these breathing techniques now!

Once you are comfortable with the idea of focusing on your breath then you can try sitting down and clearing your thoughts. Emptying your mind so that all you think is nothing, all you hear is nothing but your breath. You can keep your eyes opened or closed; I tend to do a bit of both depending on how I feel. You can try it at first for at least a minute to see how you feel. Then you can gradually increase that over time.

I do talk about this a lot because I feel it is so important to be able to focus on the breath and to be able to recognize your own emotions. Being able to bring yourself to a calm state is such an amazing feeling. I understand that it is not as simple as just breathing to some people. It can take many different efforts to find peace and calm. Meditation and breathing are just a small part of it all, but a part that really can make a difference.  


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Photo By: Dorota Dylka