Find Yourself

You want to find yourself, so you leave home and do the European/Asia/Wherever it is you want to go tour. You explore new ways of life, enjoy amazing food, but then you must go home. Some people come back with a new look on life and hit the ground running, others now have a void.

If you are in a position of wanting to find yourself right now, with travel not being an option, you are probably feeling lost and unsure of how to go about life.

Travel does not have to including leaving your home. Take this time to re-discover the place you call home. Take a walk or a drive around and really see what is out there. You would be amazed at what you find.

Do something you have not done since you were a child, something that brings you joy.

Finding yourself does not mean you have to see the world. Sometimes it means taking a good look inside yourself.  


Lilies & Moonbeams


Photo By: Jared Rice