Begin Again

Where do I begin?

Some people make things happen by setting a goal and plan extensively while others just stumble upon gold. We get stuck in these careers that most of our parents told us we had to strive for and end up simply existing. Trying to fill that void in our soul wondering how it even got there. Most of us had to choose what we would be doing for the rest of our lives before our brains even fully developed. I thought I knew what I wanted to do but after a year of schooling I was already over it. Being in a situation where I could not afford to go back to school after my change of heart, I had to dive into many different career paths. It took me nearly a decade to finally figure out what it is I wanted.

No matter where you are in life it is okay to begin again. Even if you have spent a good portion of your life on something, it is okay to not be happy with it and to start fresh again. Quality of life is so important.

This is why you are reading this today. This is my “begin again”. I decided to take all my skill sets along with learning many new ones and put together this project. Not only is this a place where you can purchase beautiful Mala bead creations, but also a place where you will hopefully be inspired.

Take a moment today to write down some passions. Things you used to love as a child and have not done for years and things you love now. If you are not doing something you are passionate about then now is the time to try. You do not have to go and quit your day job, set aside some time to do what brings you joy. It is amazing how fast something can take off once you get going on something you love!


Lilies & Moonbeams


Photo By: Danielle MacInnes